River Rock Casino MC

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The Maestro is very excited to return to LIVE Entertainment especially being back at the River Rock.

"Though I am known as the Maestro it seems everyone at the Casino love to call me 'Call My NAME!'" - The Maestro

River Rock

Synergy Dance

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There is such incredble joy for me to be surrounded by such enthusiasm, positivity and needless to say incredible dance talent and abilities, far more powerful than any kind of caffeine!.

2022 marks my 7th year as one of the MC's for this prestigious annual Dance Competetion. Not only do I get to work surrounded by these incredibly talented young people, but the crew and management of Synergy Dance are just the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure to work with!


Classroom Expeditions

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Our newest programs are "Indigenous Encounters of the 3rd & 4th Grades"

All the programs we do are curriculum based programs and just a couple of years ago the new curriculum included teaching honestly about our indigenous people, in grade 3 they learn of indigenous people from around the world, grade 4 we focus on our North American indigenous.