• The History of The Maestro of Magic

    I had once been known as "Doktor Strange" and yes I had named myself after Marvel Comic's Sorcerer Supreme 26 years ago in 1991 for 3 simple reasons:

    A) He is Dr. "Strange", due to my unique antics & personality I have often been called "Strange" (but in a good way I assure you!)

    2) His first name is "Stephen", my first name is Stephen.

    III) Dr. Strange is a a Sorcerer, I can do Magic.

    The name seemed to fit me perfectly and I adopted it as my stage name, all ages have enjoyed it and it was my way to pay homage to this incredibly cool comic book hero's name. His is a title. Mine was a name, thus the "K" in mine (that and the "K" can also be for my last name; Kaplan). But now that he is finally recognized in a far greater way than ever due to this Amazing Movie, I feel it is time to let go of the name as all new audiences would need me to explain why I am not in a Red cape wearing the Eye of Agamotto.

    I am born and raised in Vancouver BC

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